Hectic for the Edelweiss Mindset

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Things have been pretty hectic for the writer’s or rather as I put it, the Edelweiss Mindset. I come back home from work and I am quite exhausted by the end of the day. However, I understand that I must break away from this ennui and try to regain that old spark if I must devote my entire life to the written word. At least 500 a day should be enough. I am not being too ambitious and trying to put down around 2000 words per day. Perhaps baby steps should be the order of the day.

I have done away with all the distractions. That is something to look forward to. Actually i have pulled away from most distracting apps and websites in the last few days. My life these days is quite minimal. It is peacefully. Only work seems to drag me away from my writing. I swing back and forth like a pendulum between work and writing. However, this needs to stop if I must really be serious about writing.

Looking forward to a more productive day tomorrow…actually a more productive week ahead….


2 replies on “Hectic for the Edelweiss Mindset”

  1. My advice, Edelweiss? Don’t forget to read. When you don’t have the energy to write, reading is a productive activity because it stimulates your imagination and it (unconsciously) teaches your brain to formulate text, i.e. story. Think of your time reading as an important part of your writing career. I’ve been where you are; it gets better. Reading also is a great cure for so called “writer’s block”.

  2. Thank you so much once again. I definitely read a lot and I do intend to pursue this habit of mine with utmost seriousness. Maybe my favorite novel of all times…Wuthering Heights…may help.

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