A Writer Never Gives Up !

Much of January has passed and I’ve seriously not had an opportunity to concentrate on my writing. Blame it on the circumstances at work (with the examination season in full bloom and with piles of assignments on my desk to check). My birthday too came and went (I celebrated it quietly with my immediate family). Being bereft of writing has made me a tad bit disillusioned to say the least. The plot is ingrained in my mind and the characters have been fleshed out mentally, however, I’ve not really been getting a chance to even finish the Prologue that I began writing in the beginning of this month. Having said all this, I firmly believe that writers, poets, singer, painters and other people involved with the creative arts should never give up. Seasons may change, circumstances may not be conducive to our art, but we must plod on irrespective of what comes in our way. I’ve personally experienced a lot of failures during my stint as a writer. There have been innumerable writer’s blocks, work has been a huge speed breaker, I’ve not felt inspired enough and the list can go and on, however, at the end f the day I’ve seldom relinquished my pen or my art and let society get the better of me. This time too I hope to continue where I paused the written word in favor of my academic obligations and other unpalatable factors. Amen to that !

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  1. I want to say something encouraging but I understand the struggle the artist faces. I’ve been both a painter and a writer. There is this one word which poses a huge obstacle for artists, especially for those who grow up in more traditional environments (some people do grow up having artists as parents but it is not common). The word I’m referring to is: obligation. We are obliged to devote our time to a number of activities, unrelated to our true profession. And this creates internal conflict for us which in itself tries to beat down creativity and creative productivity. So there is always the internal struggle for the active artist. How do we overcome it? I don’t know. But I have noticed that the more I work (creating my art) the less obligation has a grip on me. Keep writing, is all I can say.

    1. Thank you very much for the encouragement. This month has been tough for me. I’ve literally been wading through work and various assignments. However, I intend to make up for the lost time with renewed vigor and energy from February onward 🙂

  2. 👍👍
    Your prologue will surely be completed soon.

    A nice thought, people should basically never give up.

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