On Thoughts Abandoned…

I have often encountered “abandoned” blogs on the internet, which have often haunted my thoughts. Blogs which had been quite active once upon a time, but were abandoned by their writer/writers either due to waning interest, or for want of a better blog/website, or due to the novelty offered by the social media and their ever growing audience, or perhaps something more dark and dreary that I choose no to mention over here. Like blogs, abandoned homes, toys, books, articles of personal use, all these seem to rouse my curiosity. More than modern homes, I tend to stare at abandoned dilapidated houses or factories that are quite common in my hometown. This has been a childhood fascination that I could never relinquish once I reached adulthood. There is definitely something about the broken and derelict houses with their black howling windows that makes me ponder for a moment upon their once cheerful histories.

The same goes with the blogs too. What happened to the writer? Why didn’t he/she continue? Did the advent of the social media lure him/her away from writing or was it something else? Did a personal tragedy completely cut off the flow of words? The last one is something I can identify with on a personal level. After my Father passed away it took me years to start writing again. I am not yet completely healed, but I try to plod on as it had been his last wish to see me established as a writer of some repute. Thus, whenever I see abandoned pieces of literature the thought generally occupies my mind with regard to their writer and his/her fate.

Just like the houses, the words tend to howl back at me from within their hollow dark forms. Perhaps they wish for completion. Perhaps they do not. Perhaps being abandoned is what they have accepted as their ultimate destiny. Perhaps it is all my mind playing tricks upon me. Perhaps everything is but an illusion. Perhaps I am an illusion too. Who knows !

Au revoir !

grayscale photo of wooden house

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  1. I abandon every blog I ever start! Like every book I’ve started. Many factors go into it but mostly it’s oversaturation of information and lack of planning or organization. Mostly just laziness, though!

  2. Nice piece. I share many of those thoughts.

    But I’ve come to the view that, unless we are something incredibly special – an Einstein, say, or a Ghandi, a Shakespeare or something – once we are gone we too will soon be abandoned and forgotten. Sure, my kids and probably my grandkids will remember me, but beyond that: no. It’s why I want to be cremated and have my ashes scattered somewhere pleasant, perhaps to be absorbed by the earth and become recycled…..

    That will do me nicely, I think.

    1. Very lofty thoughts I must say. πŸ™‚ You are right. We are mostly forgotten and abandoned, but I believe that at least we can leave an imprint of ourselves in this world through our art or craft. And cremation is something that we Hindus have in India. It is a form of uniting the soul with the universe. πŸ™‚

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