The Calendar and Other Tools

Since I choose to add tasks to my calendar, it becomes easy to monitor my progress each new day. In fact having a calendar or a to do list can definitely help a writer in planning ahead with his/her day or week. To cut the long story short, there are certain tools that I use for my daily writing. I would like to take the liberty of sharing the same with my readers. Consider this to be a random post at the end of a rather productive day 🙂

The first is of course a Calendar. Nowadays I use Vivaldi’s inbuilt calendar to keep a tab on my commitments. It is a rather well built calendar that I can tweak around in order to suit my daily schedule.

Secondly, I prefer to save my manuscript both in my mailbox (or boxes) as well as in Microsoft’s cloud drive. I do not trust Google very much. Therefore I tend to avoid all its services and apps. I generally use Vivaldi’s email as well as email accounts attached to Outlook and Laposte.

In the third place, I prefer to save notes on the go in the One Note app that I have in my phone. I generally trust Microsoft more than other companies when it comes to storing my data.

Fourthly, I could never do without the MS Office in my phone. Quite often when I am not near my laptop, I can directly work on my phone and jot down any random idea. Also, I can edit my manuscript on the go.

Finally, when it comes to using a browser, then Vivaldi takes the cake.I was an avid Opera user once upon a time, but switched my loyalty to Vivaldi this year. Also, with regard to a search engine, I either use Startpage or Duck Duck Go. Privacy matters when you are a writer. I dislike trackers and I absolutely hate my data being sold or auctioned elsewhere on the Dark Net.

So much for now. Simply a little blog post at the end of a rather busy day. Au revoir !

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  1. Hey, wow! This is great! I too use Duck Duck Go as my search engine. Truth is, I’m a dinosaur when it comes to all of the latest communication tech. Yesterday, I printed a backup and revised hard copy (paper) of my novel just because I’m afraid something could disrupt the internet causing me to lose access to the ebook version of my book. I’m sure it’s my age but I still have trouble trusting “the cloud” with the security of my work. But I found this post very interesting, as a look inside at the way you integrate web tools to do your writing. Thank you!

    1. Thank you very much. I hope this information will be of some use to you in the future. Personally these tools are of great help to me. Initially I was a bit skeptic about the cloud too, but over the years I have grown to trust Microsoft. Google may not be very trustworthy since they tend to sell our data. Good to see you expanding your blog with the new series on writing 🙂 Good luck !

      1. You are developing your blog nicely. I’ve used Vivaldi web mail for years but I think perhaps this blog thing is fairly new for them. But that being said, I also think Vivaldi’s blog space has wonderful potential. It might be a bit sparse at present but no telling how busy it may be in a year or so. I shall continue reading your blog regularly. See you later.

  2. I had a blog on WordPress long ago. Nowadays WordPress has made their interface rather confusing. I prefer Vivaldi blogs these days. The Interface is rather organised and clean. Good luck with your blog too 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience with Vivaldi Calendar. I find anything Vivaldi you can trust. Too, like you, I used Worpress years ago and find this blogging platform a good balance …

    1. Agree with you completely. Vivaldi is a good platform for all kinds of bloggers, be they writers or photographers or artists. It caters to the needs of each and every individual blogger. 🙂

  4. Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a totally different
    topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Wonderful choice of colors!

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