The Thirty-First

The last day of each month is usually kept for planning and other such matters that require an administrator’s brain rather than a writer’s. November will definitely be an extremely busy month for me. I have both academic as well as literary deadlines to meet, since I also handle certain administrative responsibilities at work, I must attend to the same too. To cut the long story short, November will see me with too many things on my plate. Keeping the above in mind, I’ve decided to streamline my work and plan ahead in advance.

  1. I will be keeping societal obligations to the minimum in November. I am already off social networks, however I still have to access the email for work. Planning to keep that to the minimum from tomorrow onward. The same goes for my phone and text messages.
  2. Deep or focused work is a must especially if I need to accomplish much. I intend to do that without getting deviated from my goal. Hopefully, I should be able to write at least 1000 if not 2000 words each day.
  3. At the end of each day I intend to keep an hour at hand for evaluating my work as well as how efficiently I made use of my time.
  4. Also I must remember to save my work online. I usually use my email accounts as well as Microsoft’s One Drive for backing everything. I must remember to access those daily and keep a backup of everything I create online on a daily basis.
  5. We writers tend to be extremely sensitive by nature and often the outside world (especially the workplace) tend to take advantage of the same. A writer must train his or her mind to completely cut out all kinds of diversions and interruptions to the ongoing thought process. The mind is extremely important and taking care of our mind and emotions is as equally important as taking care of out body. Mental and emotional health should be made into a priority.
  6. Last but not the least, a writer must be prepared at all times to write. “Work tools” as I refer to them are extremely important and its a blessing that we live in an age of information and software technology. I will definitely be carrying around my MS One Note in my phone and other MS Office programs for my writing whenever I feel the need to express myself, at any time of the day (be it at work or otherwise).
  7. Finally, everything is about the words and cups of coffee ! Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that the words flow with ease every single day of the coming month.

So much for now. I will be back in November 🙂 Happy Halloween to all my readers !

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  1. You are very well organized, that is apparent, and determined. I have no doubt you will achieve your goals at both writing and at work. But Good Luck just the same! We look forward to hearing from you come December 1. Dale

    1. Thank you very much. I was rather derailed on the first day with college work. Hope to catch up today. Thank you once again for your constant encouragement 🙂

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