Reclaiming Back Our Lives

Since I have quit Facebook, I am seriously away from all the information overflow. I refer to newspapers for my daily news (since we do not own a TV….my husband and I being seriously bored by that contraption), and phone calls and text messages for communication. Sometimes my husband shows me interesting things that others have posted from his Facebook account or reads out comments that others have written, but thy seldom leave me as enthralled as I was earlier. The pattern of incessant scrolling is over. I am more at peace and more grounded than ever. Also this gives me the opportunity to look inwards and appreciate reality for what it is. I spend more quality time with my husband and other family members. I am less on the phone. And whenever I need to blog or write, there is a definite time that I have relegated to the same.

I advise all my readers to reclaim their lives back as it once was before the virtual world stole everything away from us…even our identities as individuals.

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  1. You know, I think it’s great that you are recording this journey as you go. It’s an important transformation.

    1. I hope so. Recording and re-reading the same may help me in the long run with my writing and other aspects of life. Thank you o much.


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