The Ambling Autumn

It is almost Autumn. or as some would like to refer to, Fall. The air is crisper and the nights more mellowed. This is the festive season over here in India. However, I prefer to remain secluded with my books, writing and other paraphernalia. Writing this journal also makes me more calm and composed than usual. I usually attempt to devote sometime to writing every day and some time to journalling whenever time permits. Also reading through newsletters from the Foreign Affairs and Current History Journals help since they provide additional reading material. Whenever I am not writing I try to devote my time to reading. This may include reading from reputed literary magazines to books and/or articles of importance. Thus letting this ambling autumn and her undulating waves of seclusion bring out the best in me both mentally as well as physically.

Till next time. Signing off from here….Au revoir !

tilt shift photography of maple leaves

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