Away from the Cacophony

We are lucky to live somewhere close to nature and silence. It is rare to find apartments in a big, bustling city that are in the lap of nature. Being amidst this quietness helps me to shape my thoughts. Every evening after work I try to organize my thoughts as well as what the day had to offer. Sometimes the results are positive, and at other times quite morbid. However, I plod on through each day carrying the hope in my heart, that amidst this hustle and bustle I will be able to carve a niche of impeccable quietude somewhere during the course of each day.

Quite a few plots have been hovering around the periphery of my mind, but one in particular has captivated my attention. I propose to jot it down on paper as soon as possible. Of course the basic blueprint or the bare skeleton. Nothing ostentatious. Nothing too baroque at present. Let me use a couple of productivity tools to shape my plot, and then maybe I will get down to writing it. By tools I mean a good voice to text app (I am till hunting for one), an online notebook like OneNote or Evernote or Samsung Notes, and maybe an efficient online diary/organizer to help me plan my future deadlines.

Keeping fingers crossed and hoping for the very best ! At least our home and the nature around the same is something that makes me want to wake up to new mornings filled with new promises. All this and more…away from the cacophony.

selective focus photo of green vine