With the onset of the autumn break, I have now found new luxury in passing my days via the written word. I wake up each morning, and after indulging in a meagre breakfast (I dare not eat much for fear of killing the immense energy that I harbour each morning), I sit down to type in my laptop. Switching off phones and cutting out other impediments to productivity has helped me immensely. Productivity is the key to a happy and fulfilling life. I seem to have finally stumbled upon this age-old secret. Since I have become more productive, I feel a lot more happier and a lot less stressed. In fact daily stressful matters do not affect me anymore. I am safely cushioned in my own little world of plots and characters that run through my mind during the course of the day. I hope to achieve more during the curse of the next few days, since I’ve been proof reading my first novel for my agent. Keeping fingers crossed !

So much for now. Till I scribble again….